AI Probe for Interstellar colonisation and exploration
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This is a concept based on Andreas Hein's scientific paper "Artificial Intelligence Probes for Interstellar
Exploration and Colonization ".

Efflam mercier sun reflection shield

Shield to protect the AI probe from high speed particles during %c speed interstellar transits, as well as particles from the local star.

Efflam mercier high res deployed

Artificial intelligence probe in deployed state, note how the heat dissipation radiators follow the inverse square law ( decay of irradiance ) as it gets further away from the heat source ( circular AI payload )

Efflam mercier high res render

The probe in it's folded state during travel, ( note that R(shield) > R(probe) )

Efflam mercier render whitestar

The probe would need to operate as close as possible to the star in order to maximize solar panel power ==> more power for computation.

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This concept based on Andreas Hein's upcoming paper "Artificial Intelligence Probes for Interstellar
Exploration and Colonization " made it to the cover of Principium ; a scientific publication about all things interstellar.

Probe design based on Andreas Hein's research and developed in collaboration with him.
I really like working on projects that are based on research and science, might do more in the future ! :)
You can read the publication here :
as well as Andrea's paper here :

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