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General / 03 September 2020

Hey everyone,
This blog was long overdue for an update, feels like last blog post was from a different era entirely. I blow the dust on these old manuscript to tell you about five things:

I'm back to teaching!

I don't even know if I posted about the first time here, but I've taught a 8 weeks course to 15 students over zoom last year, and I'm doing it again via The workshop Academy on October 9, 2020.

This is a 8 week advanced environment design class with a focus on concepting environments within gameplay, technical, and story constraints. These constraints are often unique to each game, but there are a few common principles whether we make a single player top-down tactical RPG or a survival FPS MMO.  

Voyage LA interview.

A local magazine was interested in what I have to say about a few topics, here's an excerpt:

"The amazing new tools at artist’s disposal (2D,3D Animation, games) might look like they can change this top-down problem, with open-source lowering the barrier of entry, platforms to publish independent games, etc. All over the world, successful artists from fairly diverse backgrounds finally see their works picked up by a Kickstarter and elevated to a beautiful entertainment product. If this is happening, why are we not seeing more TV series and games that tell the emotional truth about climate change? Not the sugar-coated “we are all universally responsible, we are all in this together, we must do better, and in the end, technology will save us,” but the raw “This is the ugliest cover-up in history, the oil companies knew, and the innocents will suffer the most. Keep it in the ground, shut it all down and prepare equitably for the storm”. "

Like what you see? Wanna hear what I've been up to? Read more here.

Artists Vs Extinction.

During the height of the amazon fires a bunch of artists were talking, "What can we do, what can we do?". We thought it would be cool to have a place to hangout and craft ecological/ social movement art, then publish it out. The group now grew to about 500 members between AvE Discord and AvE FB. We use it to share knowledge, resources, talent with the aim to produce ecological political art. The participants are from all over the place, and we even have some scientists onboard. I've been delighted to see connections, networking, ideas shared on this group. Moving forward I'd love to figure out ways to partner up with orgs doing sci-com in the climate or ecological sphere, leveraging the combined resourced of AvE and learning trough a cooperative design challenge.

(Cover art by my friend Sean Bodley)

Editorial feature

I've been a big fan of Drilled (the podcast and news organization), and it's an honor to be featured as a cover for Dr Kate Marvel's excellent essay 
"I am a mad scientist".

When I set out to paint the resistance against fossil fuels, this is the type of things I had in mind as a low-hanging fruit. Creating little visual seeds of resilience and non-cooperation with Ecocide. No matter what happens, one more image exists that depicts the struggle of humans against inhuman fossil fuel corporations (they don't even care about their own workers).
- - -
I have more to share but I'll keep it for the next blog post!