Podcast + The Shipyard

Work In Progress / 27 October 2021

I appeared on a podcast episode with Siddharta Valluri, you can listen to ep 41 of the convergence podcast on soundcloud and spotify.  A transcript in plain text is available here.

Episode description: "This week I got a chance to talk to concept artist Efflam Mercier about their passion for the Solarpunk art movement and how new organisational structure within companies can benefit upcoming artists."

On the podcast, I also had the opportunity to talk a little bit about a game I'd like to make.

Build in tandem with the ancient and the new, solar sails chart our escape from fossil fuels. The future listens to the wind - will you? 

The Shipyard - Beta test 2022

This game could never be made in a firm, and will only flourish in a worker-owned cooperative (🚂 get on the COOP hype train, and learn from your fellow workers!).

Hopefully if I survive our violent world, I may able to share more about dreams of making this non-violent Shipyard game and eco-punk entertainment in my first *official* devblog article. Ideally I can release the 1.0 version somewhere before the collapse of the energy supply chain that could sustain gaming. But if I don't? I'll still distribute my ARM-optimized games by sail, by internet over avian carrier (pigeons strapped with micro-sd cards). 

I find a funny kind of hope in that no matter how low-tech things get, someone out there in 2050 will workout on a 100 watt rowing machine to charge their 2018 phones - for gaming.