The Division - Color Script
Efflam mercier color script efflam
Efflam mercier lighting design cinematography thumbnail

(crop on one frame)

Efflam mercier division rough 01 v003

mood concept

Efflam mercier division rough 02 v002 pfrtk

mood concept

The Division - "Yesterday" trailer.
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ColorScripting is one of my favorite thing to do, because here's both the joy of painting and the "puzzle game" of designing in continuity, to support the narrative theme with lighting choices.
The cool thing is that I was provided with Ubisoft's "mood guide" to understand the IP , branding and themes they wanted to develop, really solid document.
I worked on-top of the rough Animatic previews from Unit and also had to take into account the casting for the actors they where 3D scanning, as well as a couple of constraints due to the difficulty of rendering photoreal characters with direct sunlight.
Client : Unit Image / Ubisoft