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In truth, Ixtal is not the uninhabited wilderness many imagine. Far from prying eyes and greedy hands, the sprawling arcologies of Ixaocan remain safely hidden by the deepest rainforests. The cardinal arcology, seat of the ruling Yun Tal caste, has stood

Illustration for the landing page of Ixtal on the League of Legends Universe website. Ixtal is a new faction in the IP, and the birthplace of Qiyana.
Check out the website here :https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/region/ixtal/
(Apparently this image will be mograph animated at some point!).

I painted this one in Procreate on my iPad, really challenging to work with only 30 layers and no adjustment layers, but it forced me to simplify things in an interesting way.