Ionian village for "Awaken" cinematic

Efflam mercier overview village 02

Bird-eye view of the village. The promo team needed elevation, a wall, and the sacred tree.

Efflam mercier walls iterations

Since Ionians would usually not build walls, (they almost never had to fight off invaders) I explored versions where an Arbomancer quickly raises thorns and vines, then consolidates it with stones.

Efflam mercier wall 02

More wall explorations, this time going for a more home-made look.

Efflam mercier overview village a copy

Variations for terraced height.

Efflam mercier ionian mood

Big mood explorations.

Efflam mercier walls iterations barbs copy

What if an Arbomancer made barbwire out of thorny vines? It would probably look like this.

Efflam mercier 2019 01 23 16 12 27 tree png 66 7 layer 1 rgb 8

The designs also changed quite a bit in the end, but the red tree and the wall remained similar.

Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019